シンセストリングスを多用した重厚なサウンドのため、プログレッシブロックと認識され、フィンランドのプログレッシブロックバンド『Pekka Pohjola』のジャパンツアーO.Pを務める。




愛・地球博前夜祭にて、自作曲(Four seasons)を弦楽四重奏にリアレンジして秋篠宮紀子妃殿下の前で披露する。





















She started learning the piano after 4 years of age.

Since childhood, she is not good at playing as per sheet music, has a desire to create it from scratch, immerses himself in home recordings with cassette multis and synths, and starts his career as a club pianist at the same time as enrolling in music college.

At the age of twenty, she became able to arrange music when he was 20 years old, and was involved in numerous music productions regardless of genre, including stage music such as drama accompaniment and musicals, enka and pops.

CD debut at the band "Gekkouchuu " formed with a troupe official (can be purchased at Amzon)

Performs keyboard and music production and stage production.

Recognized as a progressive rock because of its heavy sound with lots of synth strings, she  has been on the Japan tour O.A for the progressive rock band "Pekka Pohjola Group" in Finland.

She released six albums in five years and stopped.


At the Expo 2005 Aichi Expo, she arranges her  own song (Four seasons) into a string quartet and performs it in front of Her Imperial Highness Princess Kiko Akishinomiya.


She has produced more than 500 songs from academic to pop rock and enka.

Established a music academy focusing on nurturing the next generation of young artists.

In 2019, she returned to the main stage as an artist to embody what she really wanted to convey.

In 2020, the world debut was realized by meeting producer Tatsuro Tonoki.


RiYuKa's music does not heal people.

I want the music to reach the soul, awakening the sleeping essence of each and every one.

Now, I want to deliver such a sound of music that melts the anxiety and sadness of my heart from the ears of people in this confusion.

We've made a lot of music, but now RiYuKa restarts to deliver the music we really need to create